About The Spirits of Windsor TourReal Hauntings. Real History. Legends come to life as you embark on an intriguing journey through hundreds of years of Windsor’s haunted past. Join us as we uncover how progress concealed the long-buried secrets of hidden cemeteries, inhuman practices and the shocking private lives of long-dead famous citizens. Professional guides escort you on a three-hour adventure to search for the lost souls of early residents and the eternally restless. Come with an open mind and leave with an enhanced understanding of things that go bump in the night.

The Spirits of Windsor Tour beyond the realm of previous ghost tours by introducing Windsor to a newer genre of tourism called “Dark” tourism, a term coined in 1996 and defined as tourism involving travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy. Dark Tourism is one of the very first forms of tourism as people visited sites such as catacombs and ancient ruins of gladiator stadiums and religious sites. On The Spirits of Windsor Tour, we will expose events previously hidden in the shadows of our past. No one talks about these events and you won’t find much trace of them. Our approach to the subject is both sensitive and serious and we hope our passengers will keep an open mind that involves engaging with local history and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are we going to see a ghost?

This is no guarantee that you will encounter the paranormal but many people have experienced strange things at the places we visit and discovered unexplainable images in their photos. Each one of our guides has personally experienced hauntings at our sites.

Can we bring a camera?

Yes! Take as many photos as you like but please refrain from filming. Catching a ghost on film isn’t as hard as you might think. A camera is an effective tool to capture the image of a ghost but remember that ghosts most often appear as orbs, balls of light or mist. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a human-like form in your photos. Use film of no less than 400 speed and not greater than 1600. Smart phones have a variety of excellent apps you can use.

Can my family or group do the tour?

Individuals and groups are welcome. We can even book a private tour for your group! Some elements of the tour may be too intense for young children so please use your parental discretion. Our buses are not wheelchair accessible.

Will we be frightened on the tour?

Ghost tours tend to be scary! But we don’t use ‘haunted house’ scare tactics. We tell authentic stores from history that can be gruesome but not exploitative. Some of our tours take place at night and our guides are very attentive to keeping the group together and being watchful of someone becoming overwhelmed.

How do we book a tour?

Call or email us! Reservations are required.

Is it a walking tour?

No, The Spirits of Windsor is a bus tour that includes stopping at the city’s most ghostly places. We will get off the bus at each location to truly experience the atmosphere of the haunted location.



Wolfhead Distillery


As we await further clarification on the opening of Tourism in the Province, we are optimistically planning to restart our Tours in September. We hope to begin posting tour dates soon. Please check back with us.