Real Hauntings. Real History. Legends come to life as you embark on an intriguing journey through hundreds of years of Windsor’s haunted past. Join us as we uncover how progress concealed the long-buried secrets of hidden cemeteries, inhuman practices and the shocking private lives of long-dead famous citizens. Professional guides escort you on a three-hour adventure to search for the lost souls of early residents and the eternally restless. Come with an open mind and leave with an enhanced understanding of things that go bump in the night.

The Detroit River

The Detroit River

From the burial grounds of native inhabitants to the wars of European settlers and ambitions of modern industrialists, the Detroit River has been instrumental to Windsor’s history. The strait that connects Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair has silently witnessed human suffering for centuries and our tour gathers on its banks to tell the stories of people who perished along the shore and in the fast-moving waters.

Willistead Manor

Mary Walker at Willistead Manor

Willistead Manor is an architectural marvel constructed by whisky empire heir Edward Chandler Walker and his wife Mary. Despite the glamour of the mansion, the high society couple didn’t live within its luxurious walls for very long. Our tour meets the ghost of Mary Walker between the shadows of her former home and final resting place to hear her sad story.

The Cast

The Cast

Our cast are not only professional actors, writers and story tellers. Each one of them has completed historical research into the stories we tell. Each one of them a is subject matter expert on the subjects we discuss. Most importantly, each one of them has personally experienced the hauntings we share with you.


Wolfhead Distillery


As we await further clarification on the opening of Tourism in the Province, we are optimistically planning to restart our Tours in September. We hope to begin posting tour dates soon. Please check back with us.